Take a voyage somewhere urban, and intimate. Break away from the average trap beats. Go somewhere deep and soulful, where true grooves reign supreme. That's "MOODINI MUSIC.COM" takes you on from the first track to the last. The Moodini Music Library is filled with beats/tracks you can really create to. he creates a blend of inspiration with an urban/soul sound that lines his debut album "IN THE ZONE", for platinum exposure.

Moodini composes music that will inspire your listeners, but his primary purpose is to inspire the artist/writer. Moodini has the formula for music to appeal to the masses!

Moodini Music sets artist apart from their contemporaries with raw and unselfish emotion. Moodini’s honesty to the music is one of the main reasons he's garnered such an appealing sound.

Moodini, trackmaker, audio engineer ,ex DJ at K-104 FM Dallas Tx and at record rep at Motown/MCA.

Moodini’s influence by all genres of music has developed into one unique sound. Emulated but not duplicated, Moodini has introduce his own vocal effect known as that "thang " That "thang" has been featured on the vocal hooks of many releases through out the music industry.

I enjoy using the " thang" . I’m able to fully express the artist intent and envoke more emotions in music, because it is an instrument .........not a computer."